Forgive me, Flist, it's been a week since my last *G*

Hoorah! The pool people are here putting in the new liner for the pool. Best of all they are both about twenty, beautiful and half naked. Damn one of them even has his nipple pierced *drools*. I was going to sleep late but when I saw who was knocking on my door this morning I changed my mind. I have been hanging out in the backyard trying not to look too obvious while imagining what it would be like to lick the sweat off their, well you get the idea. I finally had to go inside but that didn't hinder my ogling one bit. My hubby keeps his binoculars by the upstairs window, he likes to watch the deer in the field. I have been putting them to better use. *G*

Oh yes baby! He dropped the hose! He's bending over! Dies!

Damn, the better looking one left but I did get a couple of pics of the blond. Ignore the pool, they made a mess out there.

Bad pics but I was trying to be sneaky so I had to take them through the glass. They don't need to know much of a perv I am.  Oh, and they are coming back tomorrow to finish the pool, I will have my camera charged *G* I hope they get hot enough to strip down again ;)


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