This is why I haven't been doing much art lately. I've been working on masks. This mask is make from one of those cheap 5 dollar masks you get at Hobby Lobby.  As you can see, add some paperclay, paint and then you have a nice DE mask. The paperclay made it so hard, I can throw it up against a wall and it won't break.

This is Hayley's new mask. I think it still needs some shading around the eyes  and I have to attach the elastic and it will be finally finished.

Now this one is mine, and I'm not happy with it. It looks like a little alien death eater from space. So I'll have to sand it down and start over again. This is the second version, the first one  my hubby said it looked like I had gills on my head. That's the best thing about using the paperclay, you  screw up, just sand it off and start over.

The base of this mask isn't the 5 dollar one, it's the Venetian black mask I worn last year. I just covered it with the clay.



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