I just heard about the The Harry Potter Companion  web site, oh wow it's just fantastic. Then I noticed that anyone can summit art. I submmited 3 pieces. Now I feel like a complete moron, but for something of mine to end up on a site like that would be so fucking awesome. Of course none of the others are photo manips so I doubt he would even consider them *crosses fingers*. I put the Silver Doe link first,  if anything I have done would catch anyone's attention, I think that one would.  http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/2099420_mcib1/PhotoStory1.wmv]PhotoStory1.wmv I have stills for every frame.  Why hasn't someone invented a button that you can press to delete emails you have already sent *groans*

Update: Got a reply and I was right, it's not the type of art he was looking for. He was very nice about it though ;(



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