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( Feb. 9th, 2009 03:03 pm)

 My husband is in so much trouble! I just got a notice that he hasn't paid a speeding ticket that I didn't know he got. I make him swear to drive careful every time he goes out the door. He is so going without tonight!

My parents got a nasty gram from the IRS today. That's what you get when you spend all your time at those casino boats, and don;t claim what you win or lose.

My sister was told today that she couldn't get a permit to start building her house. Apparently, our city is broke, and they suspended all permits for now WTF! She has already borrowed the money and the builders have it, she is still paying rent and will soon be paying a mortgage too! WTF! Plus she had to pay for builders insurance, but they can't build anything without the fucking permits.

So I have a crying mother and a crying sister I have to deal with and a husband who soon will be *growls* and I'm still sick.

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