January 2009
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08:50 am


07:32 pm

(no subject)

08:00 pm

(no subject)

07:53 pm


06:37 pm

Cold news and good news and even better news

06:00 am

More art *G*

08:50 am

My wrist is better;)

02:41 pm

New Pic of Snape *G*

07:22 pm

*squees with excitement*

08:48 pm

New pics!

05:25 pm

Birthday *squee*

07:48 pm

I'm a freak *snicker*

08:09 am

Welcome to the Lovegoods

05:56 am

Flight is booked!!!

10:04 am

New Japanese HP trailer is up

10:01 pm

TrailCam photos

04:25 am

More art ;)

08:34 am

Birthday wishes

04:49 am

I have gift art *squees*

07:05 pm

Out takes and extras



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