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( Feb. 2nd, 2009 10:06 am)
 Well my husband just called, he had Jury duty today, unfortunately he passed the first round of selections. I hope he doesn't make it in that Jury pool it's going to be a bad one. He said the rumor is, that it is the trial of the man that threw his babies off the bridge. That story made national news so you can bet that will be a long trial. We have two kids so maybe that will keep him off the jury. Now if it was me, I would love to be on that one, I'd love to see the bastard get the chair.


Hubby finally got home, he wasn't chosen for that trial thank God. They dismissed him from that one, and put him on civil trial.  

Here's some more art that was lingering in my Photobucket account ;) I'm tempted to use it for a LJ layout.



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