I'm freezing my ass off *shivers* It's 35 out side and I have no heat ;(  Our central heating and air had to be replaced this week and of course the guy picked a day when it was so damn cold. So all our vents are open going into the attic and it probably down to 45 inside by now. He won't be finished til tomorrow so I just have to tuff it out. Hopefully the new unit will help our power bill go down, our old one was put in when we built our house and that was 15 years ago, so it really needed replacing.

I just got a call from my dad *squees*, he told me to start booking airfare to go back to England with mom. He hated England, so I get a free trip if I go with her and babysit her. She's the type of person that can't go to the bathroom without someone holding her hand, not that I'm complaining this will be my 5th trip to the UK that I didn't have to pay for *G*

One thing I am complaining about is the timing, I'll be going in June so as soon as I get home, I'll be rushing to get ready for Azkatraz..  I might just be going alone, because as soon as I get back from England, Dad and Mom want to take Hayley back to Alaska. She's really close to her grandfather and he isn't getting any younger so if they plan their trip as the same time as Azkatraz, she'd have to go with him. We're both upset ;(  I'd miss her like mad. I'd be going ALONE!, (damn I'm turning into my mother). The one good thing about dragging your daughter to cons is, she can't exactly ditch me. I always have someone to talk to, now this can turn into a very lonely trip. Although it could turn into a good thing because, I won't have to set an example and I'd be able to completely party my ass off if I wanted too.

My sister is moving back home *G* Okay she only lives about 30mins away but she used to live a mile away.They started the foundation for her house today, next door to where she used to live so we are neighbors again *SQUEES*

Best news of all!!!!! I got Laney's report card today ;)  I know some of my flist  also have kids with learning disabilities, so you know how traumatic report card day is.  My baby got all B's except for a C in reading.  Compared to almost failing everything last year, this is outstanding!  I started crying like a wanker and scared her half to death. I had to explain that they were happy tears *G*


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